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Tallulah Sulis came out to the San Francisco bay area after graduating from Sarah Lawrence College in New York. Her post college beginnings in San Francisco were humble indeed. She started out as a “Peachy Puff Girl” selling candy and cigarettes to drunken club go-ers. Sensing that there must be something more to life than wearing a heavy tray around her neck with an array of light-up toys and a hideous band uniform pounding the pavement until 4am– she decided to do some soul-searching.

After some serious self- inquiry, travel, workshops, therapy, sexual awakenings and life experiences, Tallulah came to the conclusion that her true purpose could not be ignored any longer and despite what her parents, society or her friends thought—a sex educator was what she set out to be. So she got on her galoshes and her sex-nerd glasses and prepared for a juicy ride into the unknown…

7 years later a juicy ride it has been! After three arduous years of blood, sweat, tears and uh….ejaculate—and LOTS of it, Tallulah finally completed and released her film, Divine Nectar: A Guide to Female Ejaculation. After learning how to ejaculate herself she knew that she had found her calling to scream from the rooftops and educate people about this often misconceived “parlor trick.” What better way to do that than to make a film and show it all around the world and invite all of her sexy friends to be a part of the production.

Unfortunately Tallulah had no effing clue about how to make a film or how to be a sex educator but she was lead by her heart and her passion (and her raging clit boner) to learn as she went along and stay committed to what she believed in no matter what the setbacks were. She studied with the sex educating pioneers such as Deborah Sundahl, Annie Sprinkle and Joseph Kramer, rented every sex ed dvd she could get her hands on, became a CMT and a Sexological Bodyworker, took tantra and sexual healing classes and befriended sex workers, educators, artists, activists, dancers, healers and tantrikas to learn as much as she could and venture into those waters herself.

After her film came out, Tallulah traveled around the country premiering her film, teaching workshops, and performing with a circus group she co-created called The Tantric Circus. Appearing on Playboy Tv, Penn and Teller, radio shows, podcasts, sex education films and British TV, she realized that female ejaculation was becoming one of the hottest topics around and she was quickly becoming the spokesperson and one of the leading experts on the subject. Being an obsessive sex-geek and devoting her entire career to squirting was starting to pay-off!

She is currently still obsessed (can you believe it?) with female ejaculation and teaching “Squirtshops” around the world for men, women and couples. She is a relationship and sexuality coach over the phone and in-person and is also the creator of several online products which include eBooks, video clips, interviews and audio tutorials. She LOVES to travel and teach so invite her out to where you live so we can make the world a juicier place!

Join the rEvolution…in your pants!

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