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A non-refundable deposit of $50 is required to reserve your spot at the workshop. Space is often limited so reserve your spot as soon as possible. You will be refunded if the workshop is canceled.

* Please specify the date and type of Squirtshop you are making a deposit for below.

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Price: $50.00

    Divine Nectar: A Guide to Female Ejaculation (DVD)

Please join us for an erotic, educational and visionary journey into the return of the divine feminine, sacred sexuality and the ecstatic dimensions of female ejaculation.

Price: $24.95

    Magic Gold: G-Spot Splash from Ejaculating Women (DVD)

Glamour Television presents the most explosive edition in the Ejaculating Women series. In this rare double feature DVD, the Women of liquid love return with limitless orgasmic explosions ramifying into a shattering conclusion. This rhapsodic pictorial edition is expanded to include Glamour Television's documentary: G-Spot Confessions in which sexuality experts and ejaculating women share the magic, mystery, tips and tricks of the elusive G-Spot. Magic Gold: G-Spot Splash represents the quintessence of female ejaculation and the G-Spot in motion picture form: a galvanizing cinematic document; and a tribute to the magic and power of women's eroticism...when unbridled. The mythic, interior erotic potency of WOMAN is here exteriorized, unveiled for g-spot skeptics to ponder. Picture, sound, orgasmic explosions, color and light converge to create Magic Gold.

Price: $34.95

    The Best Of Vulva Massage Volume II (DVD)

Learn the secrets of the female orgasm from some of the world's most knowledgeable experts on woman's sexuality. This extraordinary sex education program features 14 segments, including Betty Dodson, Ph.D., the creator of sex coaching, who shows us why she commands $1200 per session as she works her miracles with a female client who wants to learn how to use her fingers and hands to become fully orgasmic. Then, Annie Sprinkle teaches ten different clitoral massage strokes and unique uses of a vibrator so 'you can satisfy a woman to her core -- every time!'; Also, G-Spot specialist, Tallulah Sulis leads fifteen artists, musicians, dancers and poets on a visionary journey into the ecstatic dimensions of female ejaculation. In great detail Tantra instructor Jaiya of Red Hot Touch teaches lovers how to combine erotic massage with sexual intercourse to achieve complete sexual fulfillment. Learn how to experience explosive multi-orgasmic climaxes. This program offers a full spectrum of the finest teaching of genital touch, ranging from lovemaking with a partner, self-loving, ritual healing, therapy, sex coaching, performance art to good old-fashioned pleasuring. This is essential sex education!

Produced by Joseph Kramer, Ph.D.

Explicit Sexual Instruction.
Full Nudity.
Approx. Running Time: 90 Minutes.

Price: $24.95

    Liquid Love: The G-Spot Explosion (DVD)

Glamour Television presents a documentary/educational film which provokes and dazzles the imagination. The film deconstructs the traditional rubric within which female sexuality is mostly conceived; forging a new framework for understanding the female orgasm. The film lays to rest the "myth" of female ejaculation and the g-spot - an exquisite preserve of mystery and wonder.

With unbridled audacity, the women of LIQUID LOVE celebrate the symphony of desire, abandon and rapture as they gush forth their "primal liquid gold."

Complete with expert analysis from Dr. Carol Queen of Good Vibrations, and Deborah Sundahl, g-spot expert; and ravishing tales of explosive orgasms by the ejaculating women on the film, this presentation weaves a rich tapestry of sizzling eroticism, intellect and explosive female ejaculations; yielding an evocative and rare motion picture.

Price: $34.95


A spiritual revolution in birth and the human potential.

Directed by Davin Infinity.

This groundbreaking film features a profound look into the powerful journey of human birth, and ultimately, the birth of humanity's new creative potential and its quantum leap of consciousness. Three epic narrative stories are fused with uplifting music, art, animation and documentary footage to present a journey into a spiritual revolution in birth and thehuman potential.

This film is like nothing you have ever seen before !

Birth of the New World is an educational, spiritual and artistic journey that invokes a cutting edge new approach to filmmaking. Prepare yourself for a divine and explosive experience!

Price: $24.95