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“Tallulah is a grounded, sensual and amazing facilitator, able to set a container of Love, Freedom and Safety at Circle Squirtshop.” ~Kristina Keaveny, Vancouver BC

Tallulah, you are an amazingly talented workshop facilitator!
~Sexpert Reid Mihalko of ReidAboutSex.com

“Your gentle and skilful instructions made room for each participant to be there within the trajectory of her own unique erotic journey, despite great differences in age, experience, comfort level and general juiciness.” ~Caffyn Jesse, Vancouver Canada

“You are a skilled presenter of information and a Divine facilitator of pleasure! I was impressed by how well you handled the wide variety of experience levels in our group. Thank you for creating such a safe container for us to explore in.” ~Susan Faith, San Francisco, CA

“Tallulah is such a sweet and knowledgeable person!”
~Monika Thomas (Sexploration With Monika) San Francisco, CA

“Tallulah created a safe and sacred container for me to connect with the other women as well as with myself…Following Tallulah’s direction and asking for clarification right in the middle of the self-pleasuring process helped me find my way into ejaculating for the first time.
Thank you for the gift, Tallulah.” ~Leila, San Francisco, CA

“I loved Tallulah’s workshop style…
She’s truly one of THE top experts on female ejaculation on the planet.”
~Veronica Van Gogh San Francisco, CA

“I loved the experience!…so many beautiful powerful women…allowing our juices to flow into oceans of bliss…juicy journey…breaking through individual and collective fears…Circle Squirtshop is a must for any woman who wants to have bliss and moregasms in her life.” ~ Kristina Keaveny, Vancouver BC

“A beautiful space where I felt inspired, safe and connected…I felt a strong sense of community, trust and healing…learned to open up my body to a new delicious sensations. Thanks again!” ~Ala Vancouver, Canada

“we became a tightly bound circle that provided strength, comfort, warmth and energy to everyone in it…a note of high spiritual, sexual power and prowess…I cannot believe I stepped so far out of my comfort zone but it was amazing and I would join a juicy circle again, no questions asked. Thank you so much ~Kelsey, Vancouver Canada

“Squirtshop was empowering and liberating and FUN.”
~Susan Faith, San Francisco, CA

“I have been talking about the workshop all week…a wonderful mix of spirit, connection and juciness…how welcomed and supported I felt .” ~Bethany, San Francisco, CA

“Circle Squirtshop, is a great way to connect with and explore your own juicy pleasure!” ~Monika Thomas (Sexploration With Monika) San Francisco, CA

“I LOVED the circle squirt you facilitated. It was amazing! And now I squirt :) So fun.” ~Alexis Shepperd (Authentic Woman Experience) San Francisco, CA

“I was surprised when my body released this divine liquid and then I was intrigued to explore how I could ejaculate more”. ~Leila, San Francisco, CA

“If you want to access this power in yourself I recommend taking the Squirtshop…Knowing that my body can release in this incredible, cleansing, powerful way is a huge part of my sexuality…It’s like taking the deepest, most fullest breath with my entire body. Thank you so much for offering this to all women!!!!” ~Veronica Van Gogh San Francisco, CA

“Having an orgasm within a group of women is a spiritual experience. It moved a lot of energy for me on many levels and now, the day after the workshop, I feel activated and alive in some areas that were a little stuck…As well as connecting more deeply with myself, it allowed me the precious and rare experience of loving and **valuing** other women’s sexuality, but platonically!” ~Samantha Grass Valley, CA

“Couples’ Circle Squirtshop was deliciously warm and inviting…incredibly transformative, practical and free of the pressure…The demos were inspiring, and masterful examples of Show-N-Tell sex education…I would encourage any couple curious about attending to take the “plunge,” so to speak!” ~Sexpert Reid Mihalko of ReidAboutSex.com

My husband thought our sex life was over after having three kids. Now I can honestly say, it gets hotter and hotter every day. G-spot play and squirting has improved every area of my life. It has upped the level of intimacy in our marriage both in and out of the bedroom Because I learned how to take my pleasure into my own hands, I walk around bursting with happiness and energy. I don’t even know what to do with it all. We are not just wives, mothers or employees…we are sexual beings and we deserve pleasure. I have never felt more beautiful or in touch with my body since beginning this journey. Every woman should know this secret! Sex feels good, but squirting is amazing! Take yourself to this place. I promise you won’t regret it! Thanks Tallulah for encouraging us to be juicy!