6 hours

It's that time.....time to get our Circle Squirtshop ON!

I have been hosting Circle Squirtshops for the last 6 years and they have been a GUSHING success.

A Circle Squirtshop is an educational and experiential workshop for women only dedicated to learning all about Female Ejaculation, the G-Spot, and Orgasmic Energy.

While it is called a Circle Squirtshop, the actual goal of the experiential journey is not necessarily to ejaculate, but to explore all of the tools and goodies you learned from the educational portion with your Sisters there for support and orgasmic magic.

IMAGINE....a group of women who feel safe and connected with one another in a sacred container, self pleasuring and exploring while being given TOTAL permission to express themselves fully while riding the orgasmic energy that fills the room. Set to groovy music and lightly guided by Tallulah, this is a rare and amazing opportunity to share a unique, educational, and empowering experience with your sisters.

The energy from the self-exploration portion of the workshop is truly electric!!!!

While this might sound truly terrifying for some women, I strongly encourage you to challenge yourself and try something outside of your comfort zone. You might actually surprise yourself and get a lot out of the experience and have a stronger connection with your sexuality than ever before.

I work very hard to create a confidential and safe container as well as a integrative educational experience because I understand the importance of this for healing, sexual self expression, and for the floodgates to open.

Here is the basic FLOW of the 6 hour Circle SquirtShop:
$50 is Required to reserve your Spot. Spaces for workshops are limited and tend to fill up quickly. Please email me at: info@circlesquirtshop.com to RSVP and go to Store and select "Workshop Deposit" to reserve your spot today. You will receive a very detailed email about a week1/2 before the Squirtshop with a list of what to bring, logistics and exact location.